Artist Statement

My interest at this time has turned toward abstract expressionism. Influenced by the German Expressionists of the early 19th century who used color, shape and movement, I am exploring a new kind of creativity that non-objective art allows. My artwork will have the viewer thinking about what it reminds them of or guessing what it represents. The many varieties of water-based mixed media provide fertile ground from which I can develop ideas and build upon them.  Currently, I am working on a series of raised relief type paintings that are, what I am calling, mysterious and unexplored landscapes. In these imaginary landscapes you are free to see what you want to see, or what seems to be hidden, in the layers of color and texture. It seems that when we allow our minds to wander, to explore, to contemplate things beyond our current knowing, we open ourselves to the realm of new possibilities. Making connections from what we now know to what we can come to know gives rise to ever more exciting potentials. If my artwork causes thoughts about possibilities or what could be, it is successful.


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