Sometimes things get too busy except for the essentials!

And for artists, creating art is essential! There are so many excellent opportunities for shows and workshops through the warmer months that sometimes there is no time to write about them. In my case, the painting opportunities came one after another beginning in January and ramping up with a workshop in Santorini, Greece in early April. Then, the Plein Air season at home went into full swing through June. The hot summer months found weekly indoor studio time at the Yellow Barn and then continued with an abstract painting class into the Fall after the Glen Echo Labor Day weekend show. Currently, I am participating in an Olney Art Show at Kentlands Mansion as well as a fundraising show at Strathmore Mansion where 2 pieces of my artwork were donated for a raffle drawing type event. In addition, I was a participating donor artist for a special event on behalf of the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless and Whatsyour50! So, I guess I don’t feel as badly about not updating my blog each month, as I usually do, when I look back on all the art things going on. Next up, pics of some of this past seasons work and some on the new projects in progress.


About Sara H. Becker

Sara's artwork - Painting is a pilgrimage!
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