Influences: The Popcorn Gallery


New Work by Glen Echo Park Faculty & Students

February 24 to March 25, 2018, Saturdays & Sundays, 12 to 6 PM

Artists’ Reception: Sunday, March 4th, 5 to 7PM

A new show venue for me, the Popcorn Gallery, and I am pleased to be included along with my long-time fabulous instructor Jordan Bruns, and one of his latest assemblages of still life objects. It’s a wonderful concept and a great way for the viewer to get a good understanding of what was actually seen by the artist since it is literally right there for you. In addition, the complete paint palette is there and it includes the remnants of color mixings used in the actual painting.  True visual art lovers get to see the whole kit and caboodle. The impact of these assemblages is best experienced in person.

My artwork is also one in a series I’m calling Fleeting Fluvial’s. These are born of a walk on a Florida beach as the tide was going out and my fascination with the patterns and forms the water was carving into the sand as it moved back towards the ocean. These shapes and forms were in motion as the water flowed and therefore existed for only moments in time. I was lucky to be there to capture the formations on my camera and later bring them back to life to be seen by others through this artwork. It is wonderful to be envisioning that day on the beach as the was sun sinking towards the horizon, showing off these beautiful shapes and patterns, as I work to reproduce what I experienced that day. Here’s a picture… but seeing the artwork in person is much more interesting.

fullsizeoutput_46d6 Fleeting Fluvial #2, Mixed Media, 30 x 30, Sara H. Becker


The Glen Echo Park Partnership is pleased to present Influences: New Work by Glen Echo Faculty & Students. This exhibition showcases recent work by Glen Echo Park resident visual artists and faculty members, paired with work by selected students. With each combination, glimpse the influence of instructor mentors on the development of students’ technique.  Works include painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, jewelry and other mediums available through Park classes and studios.

Presenter: Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture

Location: Popcorn Gallery

Admission: Free

Contact Phone: 301-634-2222


About Sara H. Becker

Sara's artwork - Painting is a pilgrimage!
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