Many Shows to Prepare For

The last quarter of the year gets busy with many things and for me that includes art shows with several groups of which I am a member. Currently, the annual show of the Olney Art Association is on exhibition at the Kentland’s Museum in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The opening reception was a pleasant evening with piano music and an interesting talk/critique with the judge. He commented that he is not interested in abstract artwork which made sense considering his choices for awards. Artists that participate in various shows with different art organizations come to learn that judging and jurying is largely subjective. Its a great honor to get an award but at the same time there is no sense getting demoralized if you don’t get into a certain show because the jury process can be very arbitrary. Anyway, I was pleased my artwork, being fairly abstract, got into the show. I was able to ask him for comments on my artwork being that it is an abstract and he had mentioned he doesn’t prefer abstract art. He immediately said my piece was not abstract! That was a surprise to me but I understand his point of view because there are some vegetation inspired forms in addition to the other less concrete shapes and lines. My artwork had a nice placement on a wall between a window and the corner so it filled its space quite well. This show is on view through the first week of December. The next group show that I will submit artwork to is the Yellow Barn Studio Gallery later this week.

  Kentland’s OAA Exhibit 2017

Depth’s Unknown

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