Another month of work.

This piece, Fluvial Fan, has proven to be a challenge in getting the colors right.  I’ve enjoyed working with the stucco media and creating all the textures for the sand. The tricky part has been how to color the sand. Its been spray painted several times with various colors in the beige, sand, off white shades. Then, I tried high flow acrylic paints in several different color combinations to add accents in some places. I wasn’t quite getting it to where I was satisfied until my colleague suggested spray painting the whole thing over AGAIN, in white. From white it became easier to manipulate the colors into the variations I was striving for. The textures in the sandy areas hold small puddles of paint and create a nice effect. The next challenge is to get the underpainting for the water area (which will be poured epoxy) correct. It needs to be muted somewhat because the epoxy will magnify the color and could brighten it too much. In this most recent phase the colored ink, mixed in with a lot of water, came out too red. I will sand it down and refine it some more. Hopefully, it will be ready for the last stage, adding epoxy soon! Since this is the first in a series, I am taking extra time to get it right.  The next painting will flow much faster, I hope!

In the pictures below, the 1st one shows the stucco media finished with hand applied paint over the lighter tan colored spray paint. The 2nd picture shows how the painting evolved after spraying the whole thing white, applying colored glazes and experimenting with the water section.

I will let this project rest a bit while I start on a new project, a commission piece. The person commissioning the new piece will be presenting it as a gift to his friend. This will be a large painting, 24 x 36, and done from a photograph. It’s great to be busy with so many painting projects!

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