Mardi Gras

Today is the celebration of Mardi Gras and therefore a day that brings colorful images to  mind. My thoughts of color choices for a new abstract painting I’ve begun work on is proving to be a challenge for this composition. Sand and water are the inspiration for this new piece so the color choices would seem to be limited to a certain range. However, the artistic license I choose in punching up the color or changing it altogether are my dilemma. I am trying a few things as I deliberate my decision. Here are some renditions of what I have been toying with.img_1934

First pass.






Second pass







img_1584  My inspiration photo was taken while walking on the beach in Dayton Florida. The tide was going out and beautiful configurations of sand were being created and erased in just a few minutes time. I was astonished to find out from a friend, who studied Geology, that these short lived lines in the sand had a name, Fluvial Fans. The term also pertains to semi-permanent land (mud) formations also created by water flow.

I am having a ton for fun working on this piece. More detail to come on where I plan to take this piece. Happy Mardi Gras!




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Sara's artwork - Painting is a pilgrimage!
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