FullSizeRenderThe latest work is a spray paint based piece with several layers of colors. After priming with yellow spray paint the next layer was blue sprayed over a stencil type found material. Then another layer of yellow/white and then another layer of different stencils (handmade) in red. You can see all of these layers in this first photograph. The red on top of the ultramarine blue created a nice violet.

image1After playing around with the shapes and adding some yellow ochre lines with fluid acrylics it stared to appear too busy and needed another swath of yellow to quiet things down. I got my stencils back out and reapplied them in slightly different areas than before.  Then I was back to a more unifying color schema. Unfortunately I did not take a picture after this 5th layer of spray paint.  It would have been a useful photo reference for when I got a little off track with my adjustments after the yellow layer.

When I received feedback that the artwork had lost its nice spray paint nuances, it was time to get the stencils out once again.  They were getting a little hard to work with since they were just pieces of heavy paper and light cardboard and had started to get torn. Nonetheless I was happy that I’d kept them because they allowed me to re-rescue a painting that was in danger of being overworked.

IMG_0259More work to make sure the flow patterns were good has gotten me closer to where I am satisfied with the result.  Only a little more work is needed at this point. There always seems to be at least one small area that proves challenging to get just right!

About Sara H. Becker

Sara's artwork - Painting is a pilgrimage!
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